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We utilize every possible quality control standard, including duct proofing, to ensure optimal results.

At GP Associates, Inc., headquartered in Knightdale, North Carolina, we offer exceptional underground boring and aerial cable installation services for telecommunications, internet, networking, and other applications for fiber optic cables. We look at every project in detail before we begin so that the best policies and protocols can be utilized for optimal results. One aspect that we consider on each project is whether duct proofing is to be involved.

Duct Proofing in Knightdale, North Carolina

In most cases, fiber optic cable should be installed within a duct that affords the fiber optic cable mechanical protection. The goal is to avoid it becoming damaged during the installation process, as well as after the fact. The installation planning process involves choosing the right duct material for the application, as well as the best installation method based on the length involved. Before placing the cable, we can make sure that the duct is proven, called duct proofing, by testing the passage to identify problems before the fiber optic cable comes off the reel.

By employing quality workmanship from start to finish, including duct proofing, we can provide you with optimal results and avoid damage to the fiber optic cable that could detrimentally affect your project’s success. It is our more than 33 years of experience and attentiveness to even the smallest details that make us the preferred installer of fiber optic cables not only in the North Carolina, but along the eastern seaboard from Ohio to Florida. Call on us today to discuss your upcoming project to learn what we can do to make it a success.