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If you want your electrical wires, telephone lines, or fiber optic cables to be safe from severe weather events, the best thing to do is install them underground, where they will be sheltered from the wind. In the past, underground installation demanded much more labor and time, as trenches had to be dug, the cables laid, and then all that dirt had to be moved back to cover the wires. These days, underground installation is a much less-intensive process thanks to the development of directional boring technology, which can be used to tunnel through the earth without breaking the surface. We at GP Associates, Inc. are experts in this technique, and we encourage you to give us a call whenever you need a boring contractor.

Boring Contractor in Raleigh, North Carolina

As we alluded to above, one of the main advantages of directional boring is that it doesn’t require you to dig up your whole yard in order to create space for underground cable installation. This makes it an ideal choice for sites that have sidewalks, landscape features, or other elements that you don’t want to disturb–your boring contractor can use their equipment to tunnel under all of those things without disturbing any of them, which makes for a much more convenient process and a much less messy site.

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