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Why You Should Choose a Technician with Fiber Certification

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It is a common misconception that anyone familiar with other types of cabling can jump right into installing, testing, and repairing fiber optic cable. There are very few similarities between fiber optic cable and its predecessors, so you need someone trained and experienced if you want optimal, reliable results. One way to be confident that who you hire has the background you want is to ask them if they have fiber certification.

take the time to gain fiber certification

To be a certified fiber optic slicing technician involves a huge time commitment and a significant financial investment. For someone to take the time to gain fiber certification is indicative of their commitment to the industry and to excellence. Those with fiber certification are recognized as the best in their profession. In addition, they have ample opportunities to master new developments in the industry to keep their fiber certification up to date.

The fiber certification course is quite comprehensive, so you can be sure that they have a keen understanding and experience with connections and terminations, splicing, aerial and burial enclosures, installation, testing equipment, repairing and maintaining fiber optic cable, and designing a functional and efficient system.

There are many nuances with fiber optic cable and putting it into the hands of someone other than a technician with fiber certification is asking for trouble. It is quite possible your system won’t be as efficient as it could be or could fail at an inopportune time.

At GP Associates, Inc., our certified fiber splicing technicians complete the splicing and repairs of fiber optic cables, both underground and aerial, with attention to detail using the most effective techniques known in the industry. They are held to our highest standards, as well as those dictated through the fiber certification association. Call today to learn more.