What You Need to Know About Fiber Terminations

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Fiber terminations refers to a process where you terminate the length of a fiber optic cable. Fiber terminations usually are needed when you want to splice two existing cables to form one longer cable or when you want to connect a new device to a transceiver.

What You Need to Know About Fiber Terminations

We often rely on fiber terminations when we install new fiber optic network cabling at GP Associates, Inc. We make sure not to make any mistakes during the fiber termination process, as these could prevent the new network from performing at full capacity and performing reliably.

During the fiber termination process, we will use a variety of tools, including fiber scissors, a cable jacket stripper, fiber strippers, and other supplies. Depending on the network and the requirements of the process, we may use one of two methods to terminate the fiber. First, we may terminate the fiber through splicing to create a permanent joint. Second, we may use connectors to create a temporary joint during the termination process.

We carefully plan for fiber terminations to ensure that everything goes smoothly and that the project turns out as expected. When you reach out to us for help with your fiber optic cabling, we will provide you with more information about the type of fiber terminations we will do and what to expect during this process.

We are eager to exceed your expectations as the company you choose to help with fiber terminations and other cable-related tasks. Contact us today for more information about working with us and to get a quote for your project.