Tree Trimming for Aerial Cable Maintenance

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At GP Associates, Inc., we have worked extensively on both underground and aerial cable installation projects, and we are familiar with the challenges of each. In this article, we will focus on one important aspect of aerial cable maintenance: tree trimming. We’ll provide an overview of our preferred method of tree trimming and explain why it is better than other popular methods.

Tree Trimming for Aerial Cable Maintenance

Our tree trimming method of choice is known as directional pruning. This technique involves trimming or removing only the branches that grow towards the utility lines, leaving the rest of the tree’s crown intact. In contrast, the most popular method of tree trimming used to be known as topping, which involved cutting back the entire crown — meaning every branch, even the ones growing down or away from the wires — to a certain distance below the aerial lines.

We prefer directional pruning to topping for a few reasons. To start with, directional pruning allows the tree to remain much healthier. In this method of tree trimming, all cuts are made at points where branches meet, which leaves no stubs behind. In turn, this promotes better healing for the tree and minimizes the risk of decay. In contrast, tree topping leaves many stubs, which makes decay more likely. This can actually create a need for more frequent tree trimming services. More frequent trimming drives up the costs of line maintenance, which is the other main reason why we prefer directional pruning instead.

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