The History of Manhole Systems

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Manhole systems and covers have a pretty simple purpose. They are tasked with keeping people and debris from falling in and to safeguard against unauthorized access. When you watch a television show or movie that shows someone effortlessly lifting one, you should know that is completely untrue. Manhole covers are very heavy, weighing in at more than 200 pounds. Another thing that might surprise you is how long they have been in existence. In one form or another, manhole systems have been around since ancient times.

The History of Manhole Systems

As for their use in the U.S., various manhole system components had their earliest patents occurring between 1870 and 1894. What is surprising, is that there haven’t been many changes in the design since then. The only things to change on occasion are the materials used to make manhole covers and the techniques used to install manhole systems. For the most part, we still use the round shape we are all familiar with, although there are a few places around the country that have utilized triangular, hinged manhole systems instead.

Another thing that has changed about manhole systems is that while they used to be primarily for access to sewers and drainage systems, they are now also used to provide access to underground utilities and pipes so that maintenance and repairs can be done. It isn’t just access for people, but also for inspection cameras sent to conduct a comprehensive scan to diagnose a problem.

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