The Advantages of Horizontal Directional Drilling

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It is one thing to put underground utilities into a new development or during the construction of a large commercial project and not worry about the impact to the surface area. However, what are you to do if later you need to extend the utilities or put in new lines? The disruption to the property and your business operations or to others in the area can make it a challenging proposition if it weren’t for the technology of horizontal directional drilling.

Horizontal directional drilling is also referred to as trenchless technology

Horizontal directional drilling is also referred to as trenchless technology because the surface area is minimally affected. Specialized equipment is used to install the underground utilities you need, so road crossings can be completed — often times without disrupting traffic. It is also an advantageous process when traversing something more challenging, such as a river or other body of water, although it does take a great deal of experience to handle this type of project.

In addition, although more site preparation is needed and it takes more time to handle the project, horizontal directional drilling can be done in cold weather. The initial challenge is getting through the frozen surface area, but the horizontal drilling is below the frost line. Traditional trenching would most likely not be possible, so in this regard, going with horizontal directional drilling can save you from having to wait until spring to get your project completed.

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