Signs You Should Call Us for Fiber Optic Cable Repair

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In many office buildings today, fiber optic cable networks provide seamless internet connections. In a world that relies significantly on reliable, fast internet connections, a network outage of any type can create inconvenient pauses in your normal daily workflows.

Signs You Should Call Us for Fiber Optic Cable Repair

If you have a downed network or are experiencing outages, here are some signs you should call us for fiber optic cable repair:

  • Bending cables—If your fiber optic cables are bending or stretched to capacity, reach out to us for fiber optic cable repair. Although fiber optic cables boast incredible durability, they will not provide faultless connectivity if placed under continuous stress.
  • Faulty connectors—If your fiber optic cabling was originally installed using faulty connectors, you may be familiar with constant outages. If your connectors are faulty or contaminated, network outages will continue to occur until fiber optic cable repair takes place.
  • Too many splices—If you have repaired or extended your fiber optic cables multiple times through splicing, they may not function like they should anymore. Call us for fiber optic cable repair and we can recommend solutions for redoing your fiber optic cable network.
  • Frequent outages—If your network goes down and you’re not sure what the issue is, contact us. We can come and assess your network and determine what solution to implement to repair your fiber optic cables.

We have years of experience working with fiber optic cabling and will produce excellent results with your repair project. Contact us today to schedule repair or to learn more about our processes.