Safe Practices for Directional Boring

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Directional boring is a less-invasive method for underground utility installation than other methods, but it is not without its dangers if you don’t follow safe practices throughout the project. There is no method that is perfectly safe and all types pose risks, but the dangers can be minimized. There are four issues to consider in the desire to use safe practices for directional boring.

  1. Locate and expose utilities– It is critical to locate all existing underground utilities before beginning a directional boring project. In addition, it is important to expose them along regular intervals to be sure they are where they were expected to be. It is not enough to just plan to drill under them as someone could have had the same idea and didn’t record the actual depth.
  2. Use proper equipment– It isn’t just the directional boring equipment that needs to be considered, but all safety equipment being used. Even something as seemingly innocent as a worker wearing the wrong footwear and clothing can result in an injury.
  3. Constant tracking– A safe practice during directional boring includes tracking the drill head to be sure it remains on course. Before getting started, be sure there isn’t any interference that would affect the tracking device being used. Many different things can cause an issue, including electric dog fences, other utility cables, steel pipes nearby, traffic signal loops, and even thunderstorms. Be prepared to stop drilling if the readings aren’t clear and consistent.
  4. Keep employees safe– There is more at stake than damaging underground utilities when performing directional boring. The team can also be placed into harm’s way without safety protocols in place. All workers should be well-trained in safely using all equipment and tools. They should also wear safety equipment, including high-visibility attire when working near traffic.

At GP Associates, Inc., we are well-versed in safety protocols and use the utmost care throughout directional boring projects. Our 80 employees are given a great deal of training and have been chosen for their many years of experience. You can rest assured that your project will be completed safely and on time. Reach out today to learn more about any of our services.