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Whether you are a developer, community, or other project leader, the subject of how you’re going to install utilities will eventually come up. With phone lines, power cables, and fiber optic cabling, things can get pretty messy if all that is installed on poles with aerial installation methods. Underground utility installation is a common and popular choice, especially for new communities being developed. There are several ways to go about underground utility installation.

best possible solution for your underground utility installation

  • Underground Trenching – When a community is being built, there may be no real need to worry about disrupting the surface, especially when underground utility installation is done as a beginning phase of the project.
  • Underground Plowing – This method provides for minimal disruption to the service by using a sharp blade to slice the ground rather than dig it out like with trenching. If your community is further along or is established, this method might prove more useful for underground utility installation.
  • Underground Jetting – Also referred to as hydrovac excavation, this process uses high-pressure water to bore through the ground and then an industrial-strength vacuum to remove both the water and the soil. It is an ideal option as it won’t damage other materials.
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling – The best way to get under multi-lane highways, bodies of water, protected environments, and other settings where you do not wish to disturb the surface is with horizontal directional drilling.

At GP Associates, Inc., we are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solution for your underground utility installation. Our experience enables us to be a valuable resource when you are planning your project so that your budgets and timelines can be established accurately. Reach out today to learn more.