Networking: Why Fiber Optic Cabling Installation is Worth the Investment

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Copper cables were a longtime standard for networking operations. But with advances in technology and more reliance on high-speed internet, fiber optic cabling has become the preferred networking type for many operations.


We install fiber optic cabling as part of the networking process at GP Associates, Inc., and we highly recommend going with a fiber optic network for the following reasons:

  • Faster speeds—Fiber optic cables come with a core that rapidly carries light to transmit data from one point to another. This allows the cables to carry signals at incredible speed. This way, your network can process information with fewer delays and at higher speeds.
  • Greater bandwidth—Before the implementation of the internet, copper cables were originally designed to transmit voice information, and they have limited bandwidth. Fiber optic cabling provides significantly more bandwidth compared with copper cables of the same diameter.
  • Improved reliability—Fiber optic cabling can withstand moisture, severe weather, and temperature changes, which all can negatively impact copper cable. Since fiber does not carry any electric current, its performance is not impeded by electromagnetic interference, which can stop the transmission of data.
  • Thinner and sturdier—When compared with copper cabling, fiber optic cables are lighter in weight and thinner. This means that they can withstand more pressure and are less likely to sustain damage and breakage.

If you are ready to make the switch to fiber optic cabling for your networking needs, choose us to help with the install. To learn more about our capabilities or to schedule a cabling install, contact us today.