How We Prepare for Aerial Placement on Job Sites

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Life as we know it today relies on proper aerial cable installation and aerial placement. At GP Associates, Inc., we are an aerial placement company that provides excellent cabling results on all projects of any size or scope.

How We Prepare for Aerial Placement on Job Sites

When planning for a new aerial placement project, a successful outcome depends on how much time, thought, and strategy is put into planning the site. At the start of every new project, we conduct a thorough pre-construction survey. At this point, we do the following:

  • Plan the route where we intend to install the cables.
  • Look into the conditions of the preferred route, including clearance obstacles over roadways, driveways, trees, and any other obstructions.
  • Ensure that the aerial placement route is safe and has enough space for the cable reels to be properly loaded, unloaded, and stored.
  • Make sure the condition of the support structures is adequate, so we can position the cables safely.
  • Solidify our plans for installing the aerial cables and figure out all material and equipment requirements.
  • Identify the location of any splice points and make sure they are in line with the transmission design to ensure the cables are the correct length.
  • Make sure that, if needed, the splice locations will not be put at inconvenient or hazardous spots.

By following this process and taking these steps during preparation, we enhance the final outcome of any aerial placement project we work on. For more information about how we prepare for these projects or to get a quote for cable placement work, contact us today.