Benefits of Aerial Placement for Fiber Optic Cable

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There is a lot of focus these days on placing utilities underground whenever possible, yet many communities find that aerial placement of fiber optic cable is still the better option once they look at the pros and cons of each. In addition, in some situations, burial simply isn’t a feasible option at all. Here are some of the benefits of aerial placement for fiber optic cable that can help you decide if going this route is the solution you need.

aerial placement of fiber optic cable

  • Completion Time – Aerial placement is typically faster because it is quicker to put up poles or even utilize those already there for other utilities than it is to use excavation methods, such as underground trenching, horizontal directional drilling, and underground jetting.
  • Cost Savings – Aerial placement is usually less expensive than underground placement.
  • Less Chance of Unexpected Developments – When you do a pre-survey to place fiber optic cable, it is easy to see what conditions above the ground you are working with. That isn’t the case with underground installation where you could run into things you didn’t expect, resulting in project downtime or added costs.
  • Easier Repairs – While more things can damage fiber optic cable with aerial placement, it is usually easier and quicker to both find the damage and repair it.
  • Easier in Rocky Terrain – If your community has very rocky and rugged terrain or the topography involves ravines and other uneven aspects, this would prove challenging for underground cable to be installed.

At GP Associates, Inc., we are more than happy to meet with you to discuss our fiber optic cable installation services – both aerial placement and underground. Our goal is for you to have the solution that best fits your company or community. Reach out today to learn more about what we do.