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We have more than 33 years of experience with fiber optic cable installation

As the excitement about fiber optic cables in residential and business applications continues to grow, it is easy to forget that this is not an entirely new development in communication technology. The reality is that fiber optic cables have been in use as long as the internet, but they were used primarily for connecting countries instead of communities. The first cable was installed in 1988 to connect the United States with Britain and France, but there are now hundreds along the ocean floors of the world.

About GP Associates, Inc. in Knightdale, North Carolina

At GP Associates, Inc., we mention this because we sometimes get disbelieving looks when we proudly state that we have more than 33 years of experience with fiber optic cable installation. It took time to get down to benefitting residential properties, but they have been used in commercial settings for a very long time. That is especially true for businesses that wanted to future-proof their company, since fiber optics are capable of transmitting even faster than the top speeds that are in use today. Because these cables are resistant to electrical interference, they are an exceptional choice over other options when reliability is critical.

As American citizens urge their communities to have fiber optic cable installed so that they can enjoy optimal internet speeds and reliability, those communities that make the investment could find themselves experiencing population growth as families consider connectivity when relocating. We are proud to be a part of this advance that will eventually connect the world more efficiently than ever. Many states are taking advantage of federal grants to bring dependable internet access to their communities. If your community would like to be the next, contact us today to discuss our aerial and underground fiber optic cable installation services.

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